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Friendite mobile dating apps


If you`re looking to release a similar dating app, contact us for a free estimate!
Chat with us is a Nigerian dating site that help gives a black singles connection, find a soulmate, helps Africans improve a better marriage & love connection. Friendite simply connects you to singles searching guys and ladies

New features of the website include:

- Compatibility across multiple devices from smartphones to tablets, giving members the confidence and freedom to pursue their desires without any limitation of time and place.
- A clean and modern design, which entails a user-friendly interface
- The ability to translate the web page into multiple languages
- Interconnectivity with social media
- The capability to partake in video calls and live chat
- A filtering system to search members’ profiles
- The addition of advanced games, popular videos, pictures and a new voting tool to poll who is hot and who is not.
- A featured members list