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Terms and conditions generator – Free online service for your business

by PilotGroup.NET
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⇒ Highly customizable to suit your website needs
⇒ Outline what will and won`t be accepted on your site
⇒ Download the document and edit it as you wish


A well structured Terms and Conditions Agreement is really important document to your business. It establishes the rules of use and the responsibilities of your dating site users when navigating it.

It also can include information regarding intellectual property rights, refunds, cookies and much more. Your users will need to agree to this contract in order to use your website.

So, make sure it covers all your needs. If hiring a lawyer has a very high cost, use low-cost or even free online services.


How to use it:

Put your company data, choose the clauses that related to your business (cookies, license, disclaimer, …) and get your Terms and Conditions Agreement even in HTML format.