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Nearest users - Attract customers by showing them people nearby

by PilotGroup.NET
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$49.00 $56.35
Add a new search page with an interactive map to your site

⇒ Show users their matches nearby
⇒ Visual display on the map
⇒ Those who are closer are more likely to communicate


The nearest users add-on creates a new search page with an interactive map. Dating site members can search for other people by radius, their location being the starting point. The site owner and admin can indicate the maximum search radius for the available search pattern (it is circled by default).


How it will look on your mobile devices: 



How it will look on your website: 


Software License
VersionFlirt (2015.6) and above
LicenseLifetime license
Moneyback7 days moneyback for license
Professional supporte-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
Access to source codeOpen code