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ExoClick - the innovative ad network

by PilotGroup.NET
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Reach high-quality, active, and qualified users with ExoClick.

  • Advertise with high-quality members area publishers
  • High volumes of exclusive traffic sources
  • Buy display banners reaching CTR’s upwards of 5%
  • Worldwide traffic, with top GEOs: North America, DACH, and Europe
  • You will reach engaged, active, and qualified users
  • Ideal for Dating and Cams offers

ExoClick’s traffic sources:

Email Clicks: Email marketing to dating site members explained, volumes, top GEOs, and an optimization tutorial: 5 steps to a successful Email Clicks campaign
Members Area traffic: How to reach active members of dating sites, dating sites user profile, Members Area-specific ad formats: Menu Tabs and Back Button Offers and optimization tips.
Free content sites (RON/Premium traffic): Various free content traffic sources explained, tips for reaching younger audiences through Manga/Anime & Hentai sites, best-performing ad formats: Fullpage Interstitial, Native, Video and Push, creative tips to generate higher CTRs and optimization techniques