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Communication tools

In the Communication tools category, you will find a lot of tools and options that facilitate communication between your dating site members and make it a memorable experience.

The idea is to combine every available way of communicating with another person on a PG Dating Pro site...
From $600.00
Let your site members randomly connect to people. They will have a chance to truly get to know each other...
Let your site members start their own blogs, add images, and exchange comments
CometChat is a popular chat tool. It can help you increase revenue and user engagement on your dating...
$49.00 / mo
Companions plugin creates an online space where your site members can look for travel companions or someone...
Make your website open to people of different relationship configurations and romantic ideologies
Date ideas feature is meant to make it easier to plan for a date by helping people agree on what to do...
Use Dating helper bot to help people build a profile, or to improve their communication skills, or more
From $1,600.00
Improve communication between your site members by adding an interpreter or a matchmaker to the mix
Use Firebase Cloud Messaging service to send push notifications across different platforms: iOS, Android,...
From $120.00
Forum is about discussions, comments, and building a community around topics of interest
Let your site members exchange funny GIFs from the largest database of GIF files
From $600.00
Google Translate integrates with the mailbox and messenger on your dating site so people who speak different...
Groups are meant to unite people based on their common interests
Internal notes will only be visible to the author. They will help keep track of conversations with multiple...
Offer people an appropriate language version of your site based on their browser locale
Give your site members a conversation starter, or an incentive to continue communication
From $200.00
Expand the emotion range of your site's like reactions
Help people find matches on your dating site by talking to a bot in a popular messenger
Let your site members enjoy video communication and earn money at the same time
From $640.00
With this ice-breaking tool, users ask each other questions and give their own answers
Increase engagement on your dating site by letting people repost each other's posts and wall events
Your dating site members will know how often this or that site user responds to messages
RocketChat is a popular and free open source chat that includes video communication
Use RocketChat tool with a special design for its web version on your dating website
Secure calls online, without the risk of giving away someone's phone number
ShoutBox is like a community chat that sits at the bottom of your dating site
New members can sign up with their social accounts. Then they can share the pages they like in social...
Special activity notifications appear in the mobile version and apps and include gifts and guests reminders,...
Add stickers to enhance the communication opportunities of your site members
Let users un-like a person if they never want to receive reminders about this person again
Give extra options to people who verify their profiles
From $600.00
Video speed dating is like a chatroulette for your dating website
Let people share the content of your dating site with their friends on WhatsApp
Limit people from viewing members of the same gender on your dating website. Perfect for traditional...
ArrowChat adds a chat to your website. It comes at a one-time cost with no monthly fees
From $45.00
Let your site users add other site members to their list of favourites, "bookmark" them
Let your site users add other site members to their list of friends by sending out friendship requests
Initiate contact with any site user and let authorized members contact you directly
Video chats tool contains integrated solutions from popular chat providers

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