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The add-ons and services listed in this category help dating site owners to manage their site, adjust it to the selected niche and provide the fun and secure experience to the site members.

Control all the messages on the site and take immediate action if any inappropriate advances come up
Shield your users from adult content until they agree to view it
Choose what people will see on your dating site after they log in or sign up
Manage your dating site's database directly from the control panel of your site
Custom admin URL protects the control panel of your site by blocking access by a default link
Make registration on your dating website a multi-step process
Let your site members indicate their neighbourhood or city area
Gender-specific profile questions are a good fit for niche solutions such as matchmaking agencies, and...
Let your site members communicate freely with the Google Translate service
From $120.00
Immediately involve your new site members into communication
From $640.00
Keep track of the site visitors who failed to register and get back to offer them assistance or a bonus...
Target your banner ads to the geographic locations of your choice
Create a promo page that your site members will see after they sign out
From $120.00
Give your site users a discount on a new membership while their current membership is still active
Learn how much money each of the popular site services brings you
Help your dating site members prove that they are genuine people and are not using stolen photos
From $240.00
Integrate your dating site with the affiliate program of your choice
Make your dating site unique! A dedicated team will help tailor the site to your specific requirements
Offer your site members profile optimisation and dating coaching from professionals to improve their...
Activate discounts and special offers on your dating site with promo codes
Direct access to search results in a certain city or by a certain gender
Let people know why you decided to reject their photo, audio or video file and how they can improve
Protect your site from spam and bots. Confirm phone numbers of the new users
Create a blacklist of IP addresses, close access to your dating site to selected countries
Perfect solution if you are targeting an audience from a certain region or area
From $900.00
Special profile fields editor gives you many opportunities to fine-tune your site
From $200.00
Use this page to show the advantages of the new purchase and connect the page to analytics to track conversions
From $800.00
Integration with Uber will help your dating app members get a ride to meet each other
Stats on user activities will help you focus on the areas where improvements will likely bring the most...
From $960.00
Keep track of the site members' activity with this simple tool
Get new members to understand how your site works and show them how it will improve their lives
From $999.00
Let your site members enjoy the advantages of extra personal verification
From $160.00
Equip your site members with daily and weekly horoscope predictions
Use Advanced SEO tool to fine-tune your site pages and be rated higher in search results
Use the Countries plugin to manage the way people select their location on your dating site
Let people subscribe to receive notifications every time there is a new user matching their criteria
Let new users have fun solving a puzzle and at the same time prove they are human
Let people create an account on your dating site with their Instagram credentials
People will be able to see when their matches have last been online
Show sign up form on third-party web pages to bring more visitors to your dating website
From $200.00
Easily switch on the Under construction or Coming soon mode
Log in as any site member using a universal password to help them solve any issues

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