Warranty 3 incidents/year

Secure your site against software errors and other malfunctions which have been inflicted by a third party and are therefore not covered by our free technical support

We understand that sometimes the original software code may be affected due to accidental mistakes made when you or your developer apply customizations to the product code, or due to some other third-party-initiated changes in the product. This may result in software errors or other malfunctions which are not covered by our free technical support and are rectified on a per-hour payable basis.

And now, for such cases, we introduce additional Product Warranty which specifically covers such incidents and enables you to request technical assistance from us and get the site back to its original functionality, no matter how long it may take us to do it!

Secure yourself against unexpected troubles and extra repair costs by getting an extended warranty at a fixed cost now!

This warranty is valid for 3 incidents and remains in force during 1 year. It is not refundable, unused incidents are not transferable to another year.

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