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Dating Pro Start


The Dating Pro Start package lets you build a sustainable dating website thanks to its functional capabilities: user mode and admin mode, paid services and payment options, media upload tools, mailbox and instant messenger, blacklist and moderation functionality, ready design themes, search engine optimisation (SEO) tools, and more.

The responsive design theme allows full access to the website features on any device. You also get 100% access to the source code and free membership in the Dating Pro Network.


All users search

Search is the most important function on a dating site. Let your site members filter other users by different criteria

Dating Pro Network

Join the community of independent dating website owners who engage into site members exchange without giving away sensitive information such as email addresses. Populate your site with real members.


Welcome site users from any location with the help of our ready database of countries, regions and cities. You can edit any entries and even create new ones.

Colour schemes editor

Play around with colours. Pick your favourite colour scheme, apply the changes and view them immediately on your site. You can create a new colour scheme or modify an existing one.


The system will send emails to inform your dating site members and you as the site owner when something important happens like someone sends a new message, or there is a new banner waiting for moderation, and so on.

Mail subscriptions

Filter the site members by certain criteria and add them to mailing lists. Then send out messages to their email addresses. It's like a targeted mass-mailing, inside your admin panel.


If you plan on reaching a global audience, or an area where people speak more than one language, multiple languages support is going to be very helpful. Both left-to-right and right-to-left languages are supported.

Profile fields editor

What's good about the profile fields editor is that you can ask your site members any questions by including the questions into profiles. These new fields can also be used in the search.

Site menus editor

Every site menu can be modified according to your needs. You can add and remove menu items, add links to external websites.


Templates are pre-designed web pages. They form the visual part of your dating site along with the photos of the site members and other imagery. Your site's template is an important part of the good first impression that the site makes.

Banned words

Ban certain words that you don't want the site members to use on your site. People will not be able to send messages or post comments if their text includes a banned word.


You can decide to control all sorts of content generated by the users (texts, uploaded files, etc.). Handle the moderation job yourself or create special moderator accounts with limited access to the admin panel.

Report abuse

It is important that your site members have the opportunity to report offensive or obscene behaviour. All reports will be visible in the moderation wall in the administration panel for you to review and act upon.

User blacklist

Let your site members block users who behave offensively or otherwise bother them, by adding them to the blacklist. Blocked users will not be able to reach out via messenger. All their emails will get directly into the spam folder in the mailbox.

Email verification

The site members will receive email notifications whenever they have a new match or a new message, so it makes sense to confirm that the addresses are real.

IM Chat

This one-on-one chatting tool gives your site members the opportunity to exchange text messages. The chat window will follow them around when they browse different site pages.


Kisses is a small but pleasant icebreaker tool. Your site members will be able to exchange pictures and short messages with people they fancy. You can upload custom pictures that will support your site's niche idea.


Ask your site members and visitors questions to learn how they found out about your service, what they like most, what they miss, and so on. Multiple languages are supported which means that you can translate your surveys into all available site languages.

Report content

It is important to give people the opportunity to report offensive content and behaviour. You and your team of moderators will be able to review each report and act on it.


Exchanging winks is a means of attracting attention or establishing the first contact. Just like on Facebook, a person can only wink at someone once until they receive a wink back.

Activity in search

If you make activity in search a paid service, your site members will not be able to visit profiles of other members until they pay.

Highlight profile in search

Once activated, this paid option will add a contrasting border around the person's photo in the search to make them stand out from the crowd.

Lift profile up in search

People who have paid for this service will have their profile appear on top of relevant search thus increasing their chances of attracting attention.

Paid registration

Request payment right after a person has signed up on your site. The new users will not be able to view any site pages except their own profile and the payment page.

Stealth mode

With the stealth mode on, nobody will find the person in search, nor will see them in the list of profile guests.


Favourites module will let your site users add other site members to their list of favourites. The action does not require confirmation from the part of the 'favourited' person. They can see who added them to their list of favourites. It lets people show their interest in a subtle way.

Friends list

Friends list module will let your site users add other site members to their list of friends by sending out friendship requests. A friendship request can be accepted or declined.


ShoutBox is a rectangular block that is placed on the right-hand side of a user’s homepage. Site members can interact with each other by posting short messages and reviewing messages posted by others. It also helps attract more attention to their profiles.

Social networking

The Social networking add-on gives your site members the opportunity to share the pages they like in social networks. New members can sign up and sign in with their social accounts.

Aviary integration

Aviary is a photo editing SDK that can be installed on your site as an add-on. It will let your site members edit their photos with many available tools and options including funny stickers, contrast and saturation adjustments, and so on.


LikeMe module is a Tinder-like add-on that lets site members like or skip each other. In case there is a match, they can communicate directly on the site. Members photos are displayed according to a person's 'looking for' settings and partner age range that they indicate in their profile.

Access permissions

The Access permissions add-on will help you distinguish between user groups and earn by limiting access to the popular site sections.


Banners add-on will let you place images or HTML code directly onto your dating site pages and check views and clicks statistics. You can let your site members post banners too and make it a paid service. Every user's banner will be forwarded to administration panel for approval before it becomes visible.

Gift of membership

Gift of membership is about site members paying to send each other memberships or VIP statuses as a gift. The site owner can choose to collect a commission from every transaction or not to do so.

Money gifts

The Money gifts add-on lets site members send money gifts to each other. You as the site owner can choose to collect a commission from every transaction or not to do so.


Millions of customers around the world use PayPal for one reason: it's simple. Just an email address and password will get you through to checkout before you can reach for your wallet.


2Checkout is a leading global payment platform that allows companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide, with localized payment options.

Advanced SEO

You can add the Advanced SEO settings to your dating site as a standalone module. You will have access to the site map, analytics tracking codes, and more.


Arundina is a landing page with a nice fresh colour scheme. It is responsive which means that it will look good on mobile devices as well as on desktops. The page displays photos of newest site members and lets site visitors download mobile applications.


Bonatea is a landing page for a dating site in the travel niche, with the focus on looking for travel companions. The page displays stock photos that you can replace with your own imagery. There is a place for the introductory texts and download app icons.


Dendrobium is the name of a landing page that works with sites built on the PG Dating Pro script. The dark background is brightened up with splashes of magenta pink.


Listera is a nice skin for a casual dating website, with its clean and spacious look.


Luisia is the name of a landing page that displays the advantages of using your dating website and features site members and site news.


Responsive design theme means that a website is fully functional across different devices: desktop and laptops, tablets and smartphones. This theme is called 'flatty', which is a pet name for 'flat'.


This responsive design theme for the administration panel of your dating site is based on 'Gentelella' bootstrap template. It allows you to operate your site from a desktop as well as from a tablet.

Mobile version

Mobile version of the Dating Pro script will help you establish your site's mobile presence. It offers the main functionality of a fully-featured dating website. Design can be rebranded with your logo and styles. Please note: mobile version is not an application and can only be run in a (mobile) browser.

iOS/Android app

Dating Pro mobile application offers the main functionality of a fully-featured dating website, including friends and messages, search and search results, profile and account settings, and site services. Designs can be rebranded.