Discount coupons for paid services

Create coupon codes for paid services on your dating site. It can be % of the service cost or a fixed amount of money

This feature gives you:
-user loyalty
-spike in payments
-better conversion into paying members
-extra promotion for your dating site

Discount coupons for paid services will help you create coupon codes for different paid services that you use on your site. You'll be able to set the discount in % of the service cost or in a fixed amount of money. Choose any active service to apply your coupon code to.
You are then free to distribute your coupon codes on other websites and in offline venues, wherever you can catch up with your target audience.

This is what it may look like in your control panel:

And when a site member decides to pay for a service and to redeem their coupon code:

Software License
Version All versions are supported
Readiness Requires extra setup