Dating Pro

These special tools will help the website owner and administrator attract more people to the site, and communicate with the site members and visitors better.

Incomplete signup keeps track of the site visitors who tried to register on your dating site and for this or that reason failed to do so. You will be able to follow up with them and offer to help them with signing up, send them a bonus, or some promo materials about the site.

Four widgets are part of this package: New users widget, Selected users widget, Featured users widget, and Chat invitation widget. Their purpose is to advertise your site members on third-party websites. Every click on the widget block will take people to your website where they will be able to sign up.

Referral links is another way to grow your members database. This is how it works: you offer money bonuses to people who invite their friends to join the site, and give them the money once a friend signs up.

Communicate with your site members via built-in chat with the Tickets add-on. Create unlimited landing pages to test marketing hypotheses. Video theme comes as a gift.

Advanced SEO add-on will let you install Google Analytics code into your site easily, generate a site map, manage metatags individually for each significant module in the user mode, set up search engine friendly URLs.