Tinder-like app - iOS & Android

Launch a mobile dating app for all devices over IOS and Android devices

Tinder has been called one of the fastest-growing apps for a reason: it helps to create more than 26 million new couples every day. What other applications are capable of this? 

Tinder is mostly famous for its left-right swiping algorithm. 


Our Tinder-like app is a white-label dating app solutio that helps dating startups and businesses connect people based on their shared region or interests.


The Tinder-like app is based on the real Tinder app and contains most of its features and functionality. 


Here are some of the features that you`ll get with our Tinder-like app: 


1) Swiping algorithm





2) Chats and matches page





3)Pricing and payments pages (all revenue goes to your account, we don`t take any fees or shares)




4) Profile page




5) And many other features and pages