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Smart Search — Engage your users through AI search algorithm

by Pilot Group Experts Team
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$2,400.00 $2,760.00
Let your site users instantly find their best match with powerful Artificial Intelligence tool


Let me introduce you to an AI powered tool that will analyze who your users like and skip to learn about their taste and then show only suitable people. 

What’s that: Search algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence to find similarities between people that a user liked to show the most appealing ones to him/her. 
How to use it: Using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can give your site members exactly what they are looking for which will make you a perfect business to work within their eyes. Because who doesn’t want to get what they want on their first try?
How to view the prototype: Click here
If you have any questions about how it would work on your site or just need more details, contact our Sales team in the livechat or through the toll-free phone 1-844-273-0305

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