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Live video streaming - Connect person\`s YouTube channel to their profile

by Pilot Group Experts Team
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Add live video streaming to your dating site by connecting to users` personal YouTube channels

This add-on will allow:
-you to use it as a strong marketing feature to attract and engage new users

-your site members to share their live streaming through Youtube platform right on your site. This way they can increase their stream audience, and in reversal their stream audience can populate your website


Adding a live streaming option to your dating website might be a nice way to keep the site members engaged.

A site member will be able to connect his or her YouTube channel to their profile and stream their monologue, a cooking master class, and so on.

The feature also could be monetized to bring profit to both you and the users who are providing the content.


How it will work on your dating apps: 



How it will work on your dating website: 




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