Listera landing page

With its clean and spacious look, Listera is a nice skin for a casual dating website

Listera is a nice skin for a casual dating website, with its clean and spacious look.

This landing page is responsive and available in 2 language versions - English and Russian. You can edit all the site texts in .json files.

If you use the Landings add-on, you can add the page to your site by uploading the archive and indicating keyword, description and desired part of URL for the page - directly from the administration panel.

You can also add this landing page to your site manually. To do that, follow the steps below.

1. Download the archive with the page files and unpack it.
2. Create a directory and place it into the desired location on your server, for example into the site root.
3. Upload the contents of the archive into the new directory:


4. Open index.html and edit lines 5 and 7 to indicate the correct paths to files.
[site_url] stands for your site URL with http:// as in
[site_path] stands for direct path to the landing page files on the server, relative to the root directory of the site, as in /listera/.
5. Replace [site_url] and [site_path] across the index.html file by using Ctrl+H command.
6. Next, edit .htaccess file in your site root directory to allow the rewrite condition. Be sure to always have a backup copy of this file before you start any changes.
7. Save the changes. Now you should be able to open the new landing page by following the link

Software License
Version Flirt (2015.6) and above
Professional support e-mail / chat / phone
Access to source code Open code
Installation Free