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Gtranslate integration — Cover 100+ languages on your site

by Pilot Group Experts Team
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Let your site members communicate freely with the Gtranslate service

Integrating Gtranslate service to your website allows you to cover around 100 languages. It's a great solution if you are targeting an international audience and want to support multiple languages on your dating site.


With Gtranslate, your site members will be able to view all site pages in the language of their choice and will be able to communicate with one another freely without the need to hire an interpreter.



This integration will also let you as the owner of a dating business quickly open in new regions.


There is a free version with machine translation (6 out 10, where 10 is a perfect translation) and paid version that uses Google neural translations (8.3 out of 10). 

Software License
VersionAll versions are supported
ReadinessRequires extra setup