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Dating Site Operator - Manage communication between site members

by Pilot Group Experts Team
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$1,200.00 $2,012.50
Improve communication between your site members by adding an interpreter or a matchmaker to the mix

Dating Site Operator is a great tool to:
-earn 3x more by boosting the communication process on the site
-make sure your members are involved & active

We have come up with the idea of an add-on that can help you manage communication between site members. We call it Dating Site Operator.

Everyone wants to find new people and chat it away. That’s the whole purpose of joining the site. But what can you do to make sure your members have someone to talk to? The solution is right in front of you. With the help of the Dating Site Operator, your team can provide quality communication to all your members on behalf of specially prepared profiles.

The dating site operator logs into the admin panel and can access the message queue or select the operator, whose chats they want to attend to (depends on the setup). Then, the operator starts replying to messages.

The module is based on the following functions:

  • You, as an administrator, will have a separate panel for operators (can be installed on a separate domain).
  • The operator will be able to hold several conversations almost at the same time by switching between different conversations.
  • A short bio on every site member will be available as well as the conversation history.
  • Chat will include dialogs with new and unanswered messages.
  • Chats are distributed between online operators approximately equally, and the operator who answered last in this dialogue has priority.
  • The operator can answer in the dialogue with only one message, then this dialogue is closed and the next one opens, if there are any in the queue.
  • The number of minimum characters for the message that the operator sends is configured in the admin panel.

As additional options, we can add:

  • Statistics of operators;
  • Different ways to reactivate chat (mass pokes, teasers, etc);
  • Connecting to one operator panel a bunch of sites via API;
  • Night theme for the operator panel;
  • Sending receiving in chat wink, kisses;
  • etc.

We are ready to make any additional modifications for you, just let us know.

Software License
ReadinessRequires installation
Professional supporte-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone
Access to source codeOpen code