Personal profile quiz - Help people present themselves in the best light

Personal profile quiz will help your site members create more comprehensive profiles and meet better matches

This add-on helps you:
-create more interesting and interactive way to make your site users fill in all of the profile fields
-make your website more unique and user friendly


Personal profile quiz is a series of questions and ready answer options that the dating site admin will be able to create from the admin panel. New site members will see the quiz immediately after they sign up, and they will perceive it as part of the registration process. Of course, they will also be able to skip the questions and return to them later.

Questions that are easy to answer (by selecting one option out of a few) will help ensure that users' profiles are completed more thoroughly as compared to the basic sign up info. It will also be possible to build short introductions based on this information. For example: Do you like to rise early? -> No. -> John is a late sleeper.


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