Virtual currency items - Add extra items to virtual currency packages

From $99.00
Diversify the opportunities of your site members and receive more micro-payments

Use this tool to:
-diversify your site members' opportunities
-introduce more fun to the communication game
-receive more micro-payments

This feature works with the Virtual currency add-on and helps you to include different items in the virtual currency package.

This is how it works: you create different credit packages. Every credit package can include a certain amount of items, i.e. 15. Next, you define the cost of the package and the cost of an item in the package.

What's a package item? It is a message, a virtual gift, or any other payable item you can think of. For example, when a user purchases a 15-credit package, s/he may send 14 messages and 1 virtual gift, or 15 messages and 0 gifts, or 5 messages and 10 gifts, or use any other combination within the allocated 15 items.

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Readiness Requires extra setup
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