Un-like a person to never hear about them again

Let users un-like a person if they never want to receive reminders about this person again

This tool will help your site members:
-avoid mentions of users they don't like anymore
-feel more safe and secure on your website

Imagine you matched with someone, and then you two met, and it did not go so well. You would like to never be reminded of this person again. You un-like them to undo all the actions that a 'like' may have caused in the past.

It is almost like adding a person to the blacklist, blocking them, but it goes further in that you undo all the matches you've done with them, and you see no other mentions of this person, and they don't appear in the LikeMe ratings, possible matches suggestions, in the People Near Me map, and so on.

Blocking is not an ideal decision as your users may eventually want to exchange a couple of messages, so it's not like they are ceasing all opportunities for direct contact, they just don't want to be reminded of this person by the system all the time.

Software License
Version Kilig (2017.11) and above
Readiness Requires extra setup