Ultimate match - Let your site members use extended filters to find the one

From $299.00
Help your site members find their perfect match with the extended list of filters, and earn extra money

The Ultimate match feature is about:
-closing in on the desired partner
-increasing user engagement and satisfaction with your service
-extra earning potential

Give your users a royal privilege to shape their ideal partner and earn from their desire to find The One.

Because who doesn't want to find The One, right? Searches can be exhausting, especially when there's a lot of people on the site, and the parameters are usually frustratingly limited. Allow your users a daily free round to mould their perfect image by shaping a profile of their perfect match by combining the preferred answers for all the available profile fields and then see if there's anyone matching the description on your site! Plus, you can monetize it easily if you charge for all the subsequent rounds!

Software License
Readiness Requires extra setup
Professional support e-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone