Special profile fields editor

From $200.00
Special profile fields editor gives you many opportunities to fine-tune your site

This feature will help you:
-adjust your website to a particular dating niche by asking the right questions
-help people create comprehensive profiles of themselves
-improve your matchmaking capabilities

With the Special profile fields editor, you as the site owner will be able to decide which of the fields goes into which step of the sign-up process.

You may wish to also do the following:

-make any profile field mandatory,
-allow users to modify information or not,
-make a field visible to other site members or only to you,
-decide if the field will take part in the search, that is if it will be used in the users' filter,
-make it apply to a certain gender only (also see gender-specific questions).

Please let us know what you are interested in and we will come up with a final estimate.

Software License
VersionKilig (2017.11) and above
ReadinessRequires extra setup