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Special photo gallery add-on

by PilotGroup.NET This project will be funded on 30/08/2017

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The special photo gallery feature is about displaying people's photos in the background of your landing page. This should incentivise the site visitors to sign up on your site.

The gallery will show more photos on mouseover event. That is, when a person moves the cursor above a photo it will slide away to reveal what's underneath it. And underneath there is going to be another user's photo.

Check what the feature looks like on the website:

We intend to give you the choice between uploading your own photos and selecting users whose avatars you'll be displaying. Alternatively, the system could be picking photos of approved users and update the selection automatically and regularly.

This is how we suppose the manual selection will work in the administration control panel:


We invite you to post your own feature ideas in the Dating Pro Marketplace and have them voted for. If your add-on sees the light of day, you will receive it for free. Send us your ideas in chat or by email: sales(at), we'll be glad to hear from you!

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