Profile categories - Unique way of searching and entertainment

From $399.00
Introduce a unique way of searching and entertain your users while boosting the involvement rate!

This feature will help you:
-entertain your site members
-give them a wider range of search filters

User categories will be a special addition to your site, which will keep things interesting for all the site members. As an admin, you can create as many categories as you like and set rules for which answers in which profile fields a user would need to have to get into the category. Here's how it's going to work:

- Create a new category (i.e. 'Brunettes', 'Non-smokers', 'Petite', etc), choose which user type it can be assigned to (men, women, all), and choose the profile questions and answers, based on which category will be assigned;
- Upload a beautiful icon for each category;
- Each user will fill out their profile and receive a number of categories, which he/she can review in their profile. The cool thing is that the results can't be faked, because the users don't see all the existing categories, only those they scored!
- In search, your site members will be able to look for people by categories, which is easier and more efficient than filling out the search parameters!

All in all, this will create a game-like and light atmosphere on your site, keep the members highly involved, and with a little help from our team, you can even monetize this wonderful feature by making the category search a paid one!

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