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Photo verification add-on

From $240.00

The photo verification tool will help your dating site members prove that they are genuine people and not scammers who are using stolen photos.

This is how it works: Your site user will have a new section in their Account settings where they can upload a document for verification (photo, screenshot, copy, etc.). Once uploaded, the document goes to moderation. If it is approved by the moderation team, the person has a verification badge added to their profile picture. You get to decide how the verification badge will look like. The $240 cost applies to the desktop version.

There is another way to implement the photo verification feature:

A site user will be prompted to take a photo of themselves mimicking a predetermined gesture or a pose. The fun part is that the gestures and poses will be chosen (and possibly also performed) by the site owner and uploaded as samples from the administration panel.

The photo will then be sent to the manual moderation. The administrator or a member of the moderation team will be able not only to compare the gesture with the sample image but also compare this recent photo with the person's profile photo. If the confirmation is granted, the user will receive a "verified" badge next to their photo.

The verification selfie will only be visible to the admin/moderator. It will be saved for future reference in the admin panel, or you can choose to delete it.


Please let us know your thoughts and comments. Contact us to discuss the details of the project before getting started.

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