Photo contest - Increase user popularity and engagement

From $499.00
A great way to entertain your site members and to attract more new people to your dating website.

The Photo Contest is a great way to:
-entertain your site members
-attract more users to your website
-increase user engagement at the cost of the contest prizes

This is how we suggest it will work.

A site member agrees to take part in the contest and uploads a photo or several photos. The photos need to match their avatar (main profile picture). The system will do it automatically, or you can choose to enable pre-moderation for all participants.

The contest will run within one user type (or gender), for example, Top Guys and Top Girls.
Every site member can give their vote once a day, to one person. Alternatively, you can choose to give more votes to premium members.
Participants will receive emails or push notifications when someone votes for them.
Participants can use the built-in tools to invite their friends to vote for them.
A participant cannot vote for themselves.
You can choose to make the photos of the contestants available to non-registered site visitors, but in order to vote, they will need to create an account.

You can make it a regular contest, or a one-time occurrence. You also get to choose and to announce the prize.
Users who decide to participate in the contest may be featured in the search. Users with the top ratings may be brought to the top of the search results.

Software License
ReadinessRequires extra setup
Professional supporte-mail / chat / helpdesk / phone