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Membership upgrade fee add-on


Your site members may wish to upgrade their membership status while their current membership status is still active. Instead of having them pay the full amount for the new membership on top of the full cost of the current membership, let them have a discount on a new membership.

This is how it will be calculated: the cost of the new membership minus the cost of the time left from the current membership.

Let's say my current membership is Silver for 3 months and I bought it at $9. I spent 1 month using it ($3) and now want to upgrade to Premium. So, I select the Premium membership and the system applies the discount of $6 to the final cost of the Premium membership: $9 initial cost minus $3 cost of one-third of the period that I used from the Silver membership.

Please let us know if you have questions or new suggestions.

Software License
VersionAll versions are supported
ReadinessRequires extra setup