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Like notifications add-on

From $200.00

The Like notifications feature opens up a bunch of possible applications. You can use it in different scenarios, with the purpose of giving your site members a conversation starter, or an incentive to continue communication, and more.

This is how it all may work:

- you receive a message in the IM chat when someone likes your profile or one of your photos, and you can use it as a conversation starter.

- while the two people are talking and if they click 'like' on something about their conversation partner, this information will also be included in their dialogue in real time.

This is what one can like about another person: a photo, audio or video file, general user's profile, their headline or comment, a wall post, and there can be more.

Let us know your thoughts, what else would you include into these notifications so the people are notified and can feel flattered?

Software License
VersionAll versions are supported
ReadinessRequires extra setup