IP restrictions for static IP addresses - Better security and spam control

From $399.00
Blacklist IP addresses of known spammers and scam artists to protect your legitimate users

This tool is to help you:
-protect your site from unwanted registrations
-have more control over who is allowed on your dating site

Be sure you keep the site monetized and never worry about people taking advantage of your free services.

That's a great addition for you if you offer a free trial period on your website. The system will check for the users' registration IP and will prohibit the creation of a new profile from the IP that is already listed on the site's database.

You will also be able to reset the rules to allow as many profiles with the same IP to be registered on your site (a solution for households where devices can be used by several people) and receive notifications each time as the limit is exceeded to review the new profile manually and decide whether or not you want to allow it on your site. Be secure!

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