Fourth level of locations - Let your site members indicate their region, state or city area to protect their identity

Let your site members indicate their neighbourhood or city area

This site setup option will help you:
-be very specific about people's locations
-create a local community or a bunch of local communities

Adding the 4th level of locations means that your site members will be able to get into more details about their whereabouts, using drop-down menus from your site. Instead of the standard 3 levels Country > Region > City you will have Country > Region > City > City district/Neighbourhood/City area.

The 4th level can be a list of metro stations in a large city or a superstructure of countries as in Europe/Asia/America -> Country -> Region -> City.

You can go as far as to order 5th and further levels up or down the structure of locations.

Software License
Version Dolce (2014.4) and above
Readiness Requires setup and installation
Installation Free