Advert-free site experience - Charge users to hide ads on your site to give them the best experience

Hide ads for premium members to give them the best experience on your site

This feature gives you:
-loyal users who prefer to pay in order to remove ads from the site. This service potentially gives more profit than you get by displaying ads
-encompass both type of users: who don't mind ads and those who don't like it and would rather pay to remove it


Let your users with a certain membership status enjoy an advert-free experience on your website.

The Advert-free site experience add-on will allow you to include an option of hiding the ad banners into different memberships to boost their value and earn more.

Every banner ad on the site will have an x-close icon, and when trying to close (hide) it, a user will be prompted to join a premium group of members.

All banner ads will disappear for the activity period of the chosen membership.

Software License
Version All versions are supported
Readiness Requires extra setup